Rowan is a 27-year old cute, slightly geeky Aussie guy with floppy, dark hair, and a winning smile. He’s 6-feet tall with a lithe, tattooed-covered ...body. He’s single, he’s a top, he’s gay, and he likes Scottish men. He says he’s rock hard pretty much 50% of the time, and judging by the permanent bulge in his shorts, he’s not lying! The best way to get to know a horny boy like Rowan is by watching him doing a solo shoot. He starts off in a t-shirt and soccer shorts which cling neatly to his softly-defined body, but the top comes off pretty quick. His beautiful, pale, smooth chest has three large tattoos on it. He sits on a bench, spreads his legs real wide, and plays with his dick through his tight shorts, smiling shyly but with serious sexual intent. The shorts are soon off and he lies on the floor in a blue, Aussie Bum jock, tweaking his dark nipples and caressing his ever-fattening tool. The head of his hard, cut dick suddenly and tantalizingly peeks out of the side of his jock. He slowly uncovers its full length, releasing the horny beast from its fabric cage. He starts to jerk himself, real slow to begin with. Pre-cum drips from his tool and he murmurs filth to himself and, for that matter, anyone who might be watching and wanting a piece of him! He turns around and grinds himself into the carpet, showing off his peachy ass and tight hole, pre-cum now flowing like a clear, warm stream from the head of his dick. Now fully naked and fully hard, he jerks his upward-curving tool towards climax, first standing and then leaning against the wall. He sprays six impressive white ribbons of pure cum all over his stomach and viewers will be left with just one question; when do we get to see Rowan partnering with someone? [Read more]

Brooklyn & Kaleb

Brooklyn and Kaleb are two ordinary guys. They’re the sort of blokes you might see dancing in a local club. Both are dressed in sports gear and base...ball caps. They’re in their early 30s. Kale is cute, more twink-like, with smooth dark skin. Brooklyn has a shaved head, a number of piercings and a lot of tattoos. Kale is gay. Brooklyn is bi. Neither have had sex in front of a camera before. They are both nervous but excited. They kiss tenderly, lips and tongues dancing lustfully. Brooklyn reaches down to Kaleb’s groin and starts to massage his ever-growing bulge. They’re hot for each other and slowly grind their bodies as they kiss. Brooklyn kneels and starts to suck and slurp on Kaleb’s seven-inch rod. He’s clearly no stranger to giving head, adeptly taking a moaning Kaleb’s dick deep into his throat. They swap places and Kaleb starts to service Brooklyn’s surprisingly chunky meat, seductively running his soft, full lips up and down the length of the tattooed guy’s thick, veiny shaft. Brooklyn gets on all fours and Kaleb uses his long, muscular tongue to prep his hole for a pretty wild ride. A quick squirt of lube and Kaleb is good to go. He plunges his dick deep and raw into Brooklyn’s ass and, within seconds, is plowing him hard and fast, balls slapping hard against Brooklyn’s meaty ass cheeks. A bewildered Brooklyn gasps and moans. This sexy bi guy is plainly not used to being banged with such force. Kaleb is like a rabbit in heat, thrusting relentlessly, at extreme speeds, in a display of extraordinary stamina. He pulls out and shoots a giant watery load all over Brooklyn’s well-used crack, before feeding it back into his hole like a true pro. [Read more]


Darius is 32 years old and born in Vietnam. He stands in a bathroom touching himself sensuously. He slowly strips. He has a really cool tattoo on his ...upper arm. He removes his pants and exposes his smooth body before entering the shower. He lathers himself up with shower gel and removes his tight underpants, exposing a semi-hard dick. He continues to touch himself, turning around to show off his peach-like ass. He exits the shower and dries himself off, rubbing a soft green towel over the curves of his body, staring lustfully into the camera with his brown eyes. He sits down and starts to rub oil into his body. His dick slowly hardens as his hands glide over his now slippery body. He gets on all fours and sucks a giant dildo attached to the shower wall. His tongue glides erotically over its shaft. That boy knows how to suck dick! He starts to jerk his hard, dark dick. It feels good. His eyes roll back in his head as the cum drips from the tip of his dick. [Read more]


Aston has the kind of personality that lights up a room. Even as he’s talking about being locked up at home, he’s still glowing with undeniable ch...arisma. It’s no wonder that he deserves his own feature. Stripping down after a workout, he gives a look at his smooth body and uncut cock. He strokes himself in the shower, leaking precum as he gives a preview of his round ass and beautiful chest. He stares into the camera to let us know how excited he is to show off, edging closer and closer to climax. As Aston pops off, cum flows from his loins and he gives a delicious view of how his body enjoys pleasure. It’s only a matter of time before he’s paired up with a hot top to push more loads out of him! [Read more]

Andrew & Marc

It’s bear-versus-otter in the latest film from Australian Amateurs Do It. Thick-bodied, tattoo-covered Andrew has been paired up with 40-year-old, t...winkly-eyed Marc. Both guys claim to be top only, so this promises to be an interesting encounter! The unhurried action kicks off in a shower and continues with the two men being ushered into a room to select boiler suits to wear. We watch as they get used to the feel of their new clothing. Both seem particularly excited by the holes in the pockets which provide easy access to their dicks! Before long, they’re making out, boiler suits unbuttoned, rock hard, 8” dicks bulging. Andrew drops to his knees and starts to service Marc’s dick like a greedy pig. The guys switch places so that Marc can return the favor. He proceeds to lick, slurp, and choke on the big bear’s mighty meat. The chemistry is off the charts. Marc bends over a table and Andrew uses his rough tongue to give the panting otter’s tight hole a proper work out. The two men sit against the wall jerking off for a while, but Andrew is soon back on his knees with Marc’s long, thick dick rammed down his throat. Both men gasp and groan in ecstasy. Andrew licks Marc’s balls and plays with his sensitive nipples while the otter jerks himself frantically. The two men head to the bedroom where the sleazy sex session continues. Andrew is the first to cum. The jizz bursts out of his beautiful dick with such force that some of it flies right over his head and coats the pillow behind him. Marc jerks himself off over Andrew’s chest, leaving large pearls of semen nestling in the hair. [Read more]


WHAT IS AmateursDoIt ?

Amateurs Do It is brought to you from down under in Sydney, Australia, featuring brand-new talent and porn virgins. From local guys to tourists and expatriates, we’ve always got new performers from around the world stripping down and getting off for the cameras. Each guy offers a glimpse into his personality with an interview, before he gets his big dick out to flex and stroke for us. And with so many hot guys to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Want to watch a slow strip tease and flexing from straight, bi curious, and gay guys? We’ve got it. Uncut guys? Got it. Bareback fucking? Sure thing. If you like horny, amateur muscle boys and twinks with thick Australian accents, get your dick out and get to watching!

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