Kaleb & Oliver

Hairy amateur, Oliver, is taping his first session in front of our cameras and Kaleb is there to show him the ropes. Real ropes may be in the future, ...but for now these two hot Aussies are going to focus on all the body’s holes and how to use them for pleasure! Kaleb takes Oliver into his arms and they start making out. No ordinary kissing, mind you, but deep, passionate kissing that could go on forever. Both boys are moaning and groaning as they probe each other’s mouths with their hungry tongues. After a good long make-out, it’s time to check out a different way to use the mouth hole. Kaleb has a huge grin on his face as Oliver starts to suck his hardening dick. At first it’s through the underwear but quickly the beast comes out and it’s bigger than Oliver was expecting! Will he be able to take it down his throat? Of course! Kaleb can tell this is getting him close so it’s time for new exploration. And now Kaleb is ready to show Oliver the best way to finish this lesson. He lines the tip of his rock-hard cock up to Oliver’s hot hole and plunges deep. This may be Oliver’s favorite hole of all! Kaleb’s long thick dick is sending shockwaves of pleasure through Oliver’s whole body! It can’t be long now until someone is gonna shoot! [Read more]

Angelo & Kandy

Angelo is a little nervous but he needn’t worry - he’s in the very-capable hands of Kandy. These Australian studs start off with an intense make-o...ut session. Kandy’s hands roam all over Angelo’s thin body to soothe those anxious nerves. His tongue gets into the action, too. Kandy’s using his expertise in all things sexual to put Angelo at ease. One body part that’s definitely responding to Kandy’s caressing is Angelo’s cock. Even the jitters won’t keep that bad boy down and Kandy knows it. Kandy takes it easy at first, kissing and licking Angelo’s man meat through the outline in his tighty-whiteys. Angelo finally has it in him to relax and just enjoy how a master gives head! Kandy senses his buddy is ready for the next level, so he pulls Angelo’s underwear to one side setting that meaty tuck free! He pushes Angelo gently backwards until he’s flat on his back and then really goes to town. You’ll want to see how talented Kandy really is! [Read more]

Kaleb & Dane

Tender and passionate, Dane is an otter with a great hard-body (with a horsecock to match) who also likes to explore all the sensations his tight tors...o can feel. Kaleb loves the idea of going one step past the all-out fuck and joins Dane in slowly exploring the sensitive spots of each other’s gorgeous bodies. Dane loves taking care of his bottom this way but there’s a method to this marvelous madness. His tongue is lubricating as it licks, prepping Kaleb to have his hole explored even more deeply! Kaleb is beyond himself in pleasure and he stands over Dane’s face to get even more of that otter’s probing tongue. Dane starts stroking himself knowing that the ultimate pleasure is soon to come. Kaleb can’t take much more so he whips around on the bed and takes Dane’s dick back into the depths of his throat. That rod needs to be rock-hard for what’s to come and Kaleb knows what that takes! Dane fucks silently but Kaleb’s groans fill the room. This top won’t be able to hold on much longer. It’s his turn for waves of pleasure as he grunts and squirts loads of cum all over Kaleb’s satisfied asshole. But Dane’s still in charge, he pushes his sticky cock back in, lubing himself with his own cum. Kaleb is fully spent but appreciates the sensations of this final passionate gesture. [Read more]


Angelo strips off his clothes to show off his hard, athletic body, hairy chest, and rigid Aussie cock. He has a dark, intense look that makes you curi...ous to see more. His pouty lips are framed by a dark, Freddie Mercury-style mustache. And his stomach is toned and cut in a perfect six-pack. He teases us with sniffs of his pits and feet, making us wish we had the privilege to be up close to a handsome man. But it’s his hard cock that is primed and ready to pound. If only you were holding the camera to get right next to it. Instead, he pumps out a load into his fleshlight, making us eager to see more! [Read more]

Rick, Dane and Nic

Rick is 6 foot tall; a surfer type with dirty, blond hair and a tanned, lithe physique. Dane is the same height, with a good body, pale skin and a stu...bbly face. He’s very much the brooding intellectual of the group. Nic is shorter and younger than the others with a skinny body and a super-cute face. They talk at length about their sexual interests. It helps settle any pre-shoot nerves and gets them in the mood for sex. The shirts come off and they start to play, keeping things sensual to begin with. There’s a lot of nipple play and a great deal of fondling involving ice cubes. They’re soon kissing; gently to begin with, as the shorts and underwear fall to the ground. Nic drops to his knees and starts to suck and stimulate the others. Dane’s dick is large and thick. Rick’s is more classically-shaped with a sexy, upward curve. Both are uncut. The boys remain relatively quiet at all times. There’s no dirty talk, no need for over-the-top groans and moans and the encounter is possibly a little more intense as a result. The guys rapidly become a searing, sexy, contorted, intertwined, three-headed beast, with every combination explored and no hole, mouth or dick left unattended. What’s abundantly clear is that the three men are totally into each other and loving every second of their hour-plus encounter. Rick and Dane team up to use spit and fingers to thoroughly lubricate Nic’s super-tight hole. Penetration happens in myriad athletic positions and combinations. The sight of Rick slamming his muscular body into Dane while Dane thrusts his dick in and out of Nic is particularly satisfying. Amateurs they may be, but these three boys are adventurous, refreshingly guile-free and certainly know how to put on an incredible show. [Read more]

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