Archer & Valentino

Valentino is what most people would call an Italian Stallion. He may be a relative amateur when it comes to porn, but he certainly knows all the moves. This handsome dude is full-lipped, swarthy-skinned and so chiseled that he can make his pecs dance!

Archer is a tall Aussie surfer dude with dark floppy hair and blond highlights. He seems more nervous, shy, and possibly inexperienced than Valentino. That’s unsurprising; this is his first time in front of a camera. Archer describes himself as a kinky sub slut. Valentino likes to dominate. The stars are aligning!

Both young men wear shorts and long-sleeved T-shirts. Valentino wears a flashy, silky pair of Thai boxing shorts which demand to be noticed… and touched!

They stand on the bed and slowly take each other’s shirts off. Valentino has a remarkable physique - tanned with a well-defined six pack. Archer is long and lithe with a small waist. They kiss, a little self-consciously to begin with, while gently caressing each other’s nipples. It’s not long before they’re really getting in there, tongues passionately rolling around each other’s mouths.

Archer drops to his knees and hungrily rubs his hands over the almost glass-like fabric of Valentino’s shorts, then brings his hand up the leg and releasing the Italian’s dick. It’s in his mouth in seconds. Valentino roughly grabs Archer’s hair and thrusts his rock hard, eight inch dick into the surfer dude’s mouth with increasing aggression. Archer likes it rough. He wants to be used and Valentino’s in the mood for giving him what he wants… after he’s had a quick taste of Archer’s dick!

Valentino is an expert dick sucker who’s eager to give Archer a sense of how Italians do it! Archer throws his head back, almost in disbelief, as Valentino slowly and sensually draws his soft, ripe lips up and down the surfer’s thickening shaft.

But Valentino wants to fuck, so Archer finds himself face down on the bed as the Italian gently fingers and tongues his tight hole. The two men next assume a 69 position and, intimately wrapped around each other, rim and suck wildly.

The time soon comes for Valentino to assert his dominance. He pushes Archer into a squatting position and makes his almost-perfect cock wet with lube. Seconds later, he’s slowly pushing his raw dick into the pale-skinned surfer’s incredibly tight hole.

Valentino wastes no time and instantly starts slamming himself into Archer’s ass. It’s immensely pleasing to watch the Italian’s tight hairy ass rising and falling with each stroke. He lies down on the bed, and Archer rides him, facing away, grinding his ass over the Italian’s cock, feeling it throb deep inside him.

The men return to their first position and Valentino hammers the surfer with more and more intensity and speed. Archer can do very little except moan and tug at his dick as Valentino bangs him at a bewildering pace!

It would be impossible for any guy to maintain this particular energy and, sure enough, Valentino begins to roar, before pulling his dick out of Archer and spraying cannons of watery jizz over the surfer dude’s back. There’s very little which seems amateurish about Valentino’s performance!