Billy Ocean & Valentino

Upload: 04/22/2021

Billy had always wanted to make a porn film. For a long time, he’d convinced himself it was just a pipe-dream and a fantasy. But the more he thought about it, the more we wanted to do it. At 26, he was definitely in his prime: a dark-haired Australian twink, with an almond-shaped face and large, deep-blue, come-to-bed eyes. He was in great shape as well, and over the last few years, the rebel inside him had started covering his arms in tattoos, which he thought gave him a slightly edgy look.

He saw an advert requesting amateur porn actors and sent in his picture immediately, knowing that if he thought too much about it, he’d talk himself out of doing it! He was staggered when we called him up, and utterly terrified when we invited him to do a shoot. Intense fear became great excitement, however, when he was introduced to the guy who’d been selected to fuck him! Valentino was a hot, arrogant, 24-year-old Italian with a muscular body and green, piercing eyes.

Valentino pulled Billy towards him and the pair started kissing hungrily. For a moment it felt a bit strange to be doing it in front of a camera, but Billy speedily lost himself in the moment and started kissing Valentino with great intensity, his arms roaming up and down Valentino’s almost perfect body. Valentino had such beautiful, sensual lips and he smelt amazing.

T-shirts were soon ripped off, and seconds later, the pair were writhing around on the soft, white, carpet, Billy’s legs wrapped around Valentino. Billy pushed his hand down to the Italian’s cock. He was trying to get a sense of the size and girth of the thing which was going to fuck him before the shoot was done.

Before long, the shorts were off, Valentino was standing up and Billy was sucking his rock hard, uncut cock while playing with his balls. His big blue, sex-crazed eyes stared up at the Italian Stallion. He wanted everything to be perfect. He wanted Valentino to really want him… To almost need to fuck him.

Billy brought his hand up to Valentino’s chest and stomach, and ran it across his sculpted, muscular frame, hardly believing that someone with so perfect a body was so hard for him.

Valentino propped himself up against the couch while Billy continued to pleasure him, working his lips up his body before sucking his nipples and running his tongue over his neatly trimmed pecs…

Valentino pushed Billy down onto a rug, gently pulled his legs apart and got his tongue deep into his ass. The sensation completely blew Billy’s mind. Valentino knew exactly what he was doing…

Moments later, Billy climbed onto Valentino and assumed a backward 69 position so that he could suck the Italian’s cock while Valentino continued to rim him. Billy’s heart started to pound nervously. He began to worry that Valentino was going to be too big for him. Billy glanced up at the camera, trying to comprehend what was happening. He was making porn! Actual porn!

Billy had said that his preferred position for fucking was riding a dick, so Valentino dutifully lay back on the rug so the Australian twink could mount him. Billy took a deep breath before lowering himself, real slow, onto Valentino’s giant cock. He was almost relieved when it started to slide in without too much discomfort. In fact, it felt good, and he was soon comfortable enough to start rocking his hips so that Valentino could experience maximum pleasure in that position.

Valentino had made it clear before the shoot that he was expecting to fuck Billy doggy style and so the two lads soon repositioned themselves with Valentino kneeling behind so that he could ram Billy real hard. He fucked like a pro. His taut, perfectly-sculpted body rippled as he pounded him with force!