Colton & Valentino

Upload: 07/01/2021

Young Italian stallion, Valentino, is back! And this time, he’s been paired up with a tall, older top! His partner, Colton, is not new to amateur porn. He’s in his 40s and is about as masculine as a guy can get, with a well-chiseled body, a shaved head and a large, heavy, cut dick. Valentino’s previous on-screen work has almost exclusively featured him playing an active role. He’s a very fine top - and he knows it - so this particular pairing is intriguing.

Valentino is almost dwarfed by Colton and yet the Italian is by no means a small man. There’s something potentially thrilling about the idea of Valentino being brought down to size. In the pre-sex interview, Colton confesses to being turned on by the younger man’s meaty ass and, for the first time, as he’s asked to turn around, Valentino finds himself objectified. Not that he seems to mind…

The two men show off their gym skills. Colton drops to the floor and demonstrates some fairly impressive press-ups. Valentino can’t help but have a quick feel of the older man’s body, gliding his hand sensuously over the back of his head before lifting up his shirt to reveal his lower back.

Valentino does a few squats to show off his muscular thighs and peachy bum. This particular exercise appears to be an open invitation for Colton, who runs his fingers seductively up and down the Italian’s leg.

The room is starting to bristle with sexual energy. Quite an intense chemistry is forming between the two men. As the gym demonstrations continue, the bulges in their shorts start to grow. The two men can’t take their eyes off each other and take every opportunity to casually touch as the inevitable sexual encounter draws closer.

Colton impatiently pulls Valentino’s T-shirt off, to reveal a washboard stomach and a sexy cobra tattoo. The two men are now standing insanely close to each other, hands probing, rubbing and caressing. Colton stands behind Valentino and pulls him into his body, squeezing his nipples.

Colton’s top is soon off and Valentino starts to nuzzle his broad chest. The young Italian is suddenly a far throw from his usual, overly-confident persona. Overwhelming lust has made him vulnerable. He mumbles to Colton that he’s really turned on by him, and the compliment is returned.

Colton kisses the Italian’s neck. They’re in no rush. The sensuality level is off the charts. They are lost in each other’s bodies.

Suddenly they’re kissing with deep passion, tongues probing mouths while hands wantonly investigate bodies. Valentino removes the taller man’s impressive dick from his shorts and then pulls him by his member into the kitchen.

Valentino sits on the kitchen counter, spreads his legs and the two men continue to kiss. Colton stands between the Italian’s legs and gently grinds his rock hard cock into his groin. They swap places and Valentino jerks Colton’s upward-curving snake, while kissing and gently biting his nipple.

Colton drops to his knees to skillfully service the Italian before the gesture is reciprocated. There’s a stillness about the moment. A silence. Colton groans softly and Valentino’s mouth slurps and sucks, desperate to please his new master.

Valentino turns around, bends over and pushes his hairy ass towards the DILF. Colton feeds the tip of his long dick into the Italian’s hole and immediately starts to thrust, slowly pushing himself in as he pulsates. Taking a giant cock is a tall order for Valentino. There are all sorts of calls of “wait,” “slowly, slowly,” “keep going…” The Italian has to concentrate hard as he wills the big man in.

Valentino finally relaxes and leans over the counter as Colton starts long-dicking him, pushing every inch of his impressive meat deep into the younger man’s hole. Colton starts to get stuck in. He grits his teeth and the sleazy look on his face suggests he means business. He pulls Valentino around and the two men kiss as Colton fucks harder.

Moments later, Valentino brings one leg up onto the counter, demonstrating great flexibility and widening his hole so that Colton can thrust even deeper. The experience is plainly intense. Valentino gasps and rolls his eyes. He’s riding the wave between pain and pleasure.

They take a rest before Valentino bends over and presents his hole once again to the older man. Colton gently nudges his dick inside again, before slowly pushing it the whole way in, both men anchoring their legs for the most intense fuck.

Valentino gets on his back on the rug and Colton takes him from the front. The position enables the men to kiss freely and for Colton to go balls deep.

Colton squats over Valentino and the two men jerk themselves. Colton is close and takes it real slow, but can’t prevent himself from shooting his big load all over Valentino’s six pack and clippered chest. Valentino is not far behind him and some intense jerking brings him to the magic moment. His cum spurts out of his dick, mingling with Colton’s load.

The two men describe the encounter as awesome and actually thank the producer who brought them together. Now that’s what I call a good fuck!!