Jax Solo

Upload: 01/14/2021

Jax is a vascular muscle boy, and he’s not afraid to show off. He introduces himself and answers some fan questions before grabbing the camera to scan his body up close. Jax gives a slow striptease, showing off his smooth, tight body until he's down to his tight black briefs. Then he flexes every hard, ripped muscle and reveals a thick, seven-inch, uncut cock.

He even gives a biceps flex while stroking fast and moaning from the pleasure. Jax makes his way to the bedroom where he kneels on the bed in front of a full length mirror. He watches himself admiring his hard body as he jerks his dick. Leaning back against the pillows to get a different view, he gives some more flex jacking. But then he notices the clear fleshlight on the nightstand. His head falls back as he uses two hands to pump the toy on his cock.

His big pecs bulge from the motion, and his moans get louder as he gets closer to busting his nut. He lays back on the bed, opting for his hand again, and soon he’s shooting a creamy load across his washboard abs.