Jax & Valentino

Upload: 01/28/2021

Jax did a solo shoot for us not too long ago, but this is his first shoot with another guy!

Jax identifies as straight, but he’s always had a fantasy about being with another man. Today, he’s paired with the ever-popular Valentino. Before the camera even starts rolling, the guys are admiring one another’s bodies and comparing muscle mass. They get to know one another a bit on screen to break the ice, show us their favorite workouts, and flex for one another in their underwear.

That leads to touching, and soon the boys are kissing and groping one another's cocks. Valentino gets Jax against the wall to suck his uncut cock and pull on the muscle boy’s big nuts, but he gets easily distracted by Jax’s hard muscles. Valentino sits in the window and straight boy Jax gets his hands and mouth on the tanned Italian’s uncut cock. Jax pushes Valentino back and climbs on top of him to kiss up and down his body before sucking some more.

Our boys start jerking right next to one another on the window seat, muscles hard and bulging, balls bouncing as they pull on their hooded meat. The boys get up to jerk off face to face so they can squeeze each other’s hard pecs, before Valentino lies back on a large exercise ball under Jax’s cock and his buddy flings a big load of hot cum across Valentino's face. That’s enough to push Valentino over the edge, and he sprays his abs with a load of his own.