Kandy Kane Solo

Upload: 02/11/2021

Kandy puts on a sexy striptease and a flex show in a narrow, secluded alley outdoors, showing off his big muscles, pierced nipples, and a tightly wrapped package through his thin briefs. When he lets his uncut cock out the side of the pouch, it’s already slick with precum inside the tight foreskin.

Kandy backs his round muscle butt against the brick wall and starts stroking his dick and his body at the same time, stopping occasionally to tug on his bar pierced nipple. He drops his briefs to give us a look at his hard ass cheeks and then heads inside to climb on the kitchen counter top. Sitting with his hairy thighs spread wide, his balls bounce over his pink hole while he jerks. Kandy stands up on the counter to show you what it would look like if you were on your knees to service his curved intact cock, then drops to the floor as he gets close to cumming and his breath quickens before he drops a huge, messy load all around his bare feet.