Kandy Kane & Valentino

Kandy Kane did a solo shoot not too long ago and now he’s returned for some guy on guy action with the popular Valentino. They swap personal facts and then lose their shirts for the camera. Seeing these ripped and tanned guys side by side is hot as fuck, and they seem to think so too. They pass the camera between them, flexing for each other and comparing biceps until Kandy pulls down the back of his shorts to show his jock-framed ass to Valentino.

Valentino instructs Kandy to start sucking, and Kandy gives him a five-star treatment, pressing his nose flat against Valentino's shaved groin to deepthroat his cock and pausing only to suck on Valentino’s balls or slap his face with Valentino’s cock. Eventually, the boys are kissing with their cocks in one another’s hands and their big pecs pressed together. When Kandy falls back against the pillows on the bed, Valentino gets to work sucking on Kandy’s curved meat before moving to 69 each other.

Valentino gets Kandy face down on the bed and kneels over him with his cock resting between those bubbly ass cheeks. Spreading open Kandy’s muscled ass, Valentino begins eating his pink hole before shoving his cock in doggy style. It’s obvious Kandy is a tight fit, but soon the wet slap of Valentino’s balls against his ass is competing with the moans and heavy breathing from the bottom. Valentino’s abs are tight as he thrusts and Kandy’s arms and back are tense as he gets railed from behind. The guys roll over to fuck in cowboy position, and Kandy’s cock and balls grind against Valentino’s abs as he rocks back and forth on the top’s cock.

Valentino wants to pump harder so he flips Kandy into missionary position with one leg over his shoulder. Kandy is breathing hard and grinning, and when Valentino says he’s close, Kandy begs him to cum inside. Kandy’s been jerking his cock the whole time and as Valentino starts to cum, Kandy lets lose a huge load of his own all over his stomach. Valentino pulls out and unloads the condom of cum on Kandy’s thickly muscled chest and abs, making this Kandy Cane a slick and sticky mess.