Kandy, Valentino & Billy

Back in the world of Australian amateur porn, a very promising threesome has been lined up for our carnal pleasure.

25-year-old Valentino is a sexy, Italian, curly-haired guy with an almost perfect body and piercing, green eyes. This sex-mad, dominant stallion, is making quite the name for himself, repeatedly delivering anything but amateur performances on screen.

26-year-old Billy is a cute, athletic, dark-haired, ice-blue-eyed Aussie boy, who’s already been fucked by Valentino in an intensely horny previous encounter.

The third in the threesome is the handsome, tattooed, muscular 26-year old Kandy Kane, who’s filmed with Valentino before, so the nerves have been set aside and the chemistry’s had a chance to develop. Kandy Kane reveals he’s never had a threesome before.

The guys are obviously up for it. They flush with excitement as they talk about their pervy sexual interests and relationship history. They’re all dressed in white T-shirts and black shorts. They lightheartedly mess about in front of the camera, lifting each other’s T-shirts, and feeling each other up, becoming increasingly horny.

They start kissing hungrily and nuzzling each other’s necks and ears. They stand in a tight circle, arms entwined, hands keenly roaming over each other’s bodies as the lust-levels skyrocket and the sexual heat intensifies. A wet, passionate, 3-way kiss tells us these boys are raring to get going.

The shorts come off and the hard-ons come out. Kandy Kane reveals a sexy tattoo across his hard, muscular thigh. All three guys are uncut. The dicks are large. Valentino, unsurprisingly, is the largest.

Now fully naked, the boys reveal their tight, muscular, tattoo-covered physiques in full. They show off the artwork on their bodies - and there’s a heck of a lot of it to see!

The kissing resumes, and every combination is explored in this now seething mass of interlinked bodies. Kandy gets on his knees and sucks the other two in turn, working their dicks over with his wet tongue and mouth. He doesn’t care which one fucks him first, he just wants to be fucked…

Billy follows suit. Much of his energy is focused on Valentino. He remembers what the Italian felt like inside his ass, and he wants more.

Valentino pushes Billy against a loft ladder in the corner of the room. Billy’s erect dick pokes through the gap in the steps, and Kandy moves around the other side to suck it. Valentino, meanwhile, stands behind Billy and the inevitable happens: Valentino repeatedly rams his big dick inside the panting twink.

Moments later, Valentino pulls out of Billy and starts to rut Kandy from behind, demonstrating that this Italian Stallion has immense stamina and a dick which just won’t go down!

Valentino lines the boys up against the wall and takes turns fucking them, widening his legs and anchoring himself so he can go in real hard. The banging continues with the guys on their knees. Valentino fucks one while keeping his finger in the other’s ass so it stays nice and open.

Valentino sprays a giant load over Kandy’s ass, then shuffles along, mid-orgasm, to make sure Billy gets his fair share of the prize.

Billy and Kandy kiss then suck each other off. Kandy is plainly an expert in that department, because Billy shoots so much cum into his mouth that Kandy chokes.

The final orgasm belongs to Kandy. Billy kisses him as he jerks himself. When the cum starts to rise in his balls, Billy starts to suck him off, swallowing every last drop of semen like a good Aussie boy!