Luke & Maxime

Upload: 08/02/2019

Sensual stud Maxime returns with 19-year-old newbie Luke. Maxime had a lot of fun after his first shoot and is eager to get in front of the camera again! Luke has never fucked on camera before and is stunned by Maxime’s good looks. Once they’re allowed to begin, Luke cannot wait to feel Maxime’s lips against his… Luke might be young and less experienced, but his sex drive is palpable as they devour one another!

They strip off their clothes, breaking from their passionate kissing session to suck each other’s thick cocks. Maxime leans back as Luke sucks on his hard dick, feeling it swell inside his mouth. Maxime then lets his young bottom relax and receive his oral service, listening as Luke moans with delight.

When Maxime rims Luke’s ass, the young Austrailian opens up completely, readying himself for the hard fuck his French lover is about to give. After a little love and a lot of lube, Maxime gets Luke on all fours, driving his hard-on deep into Luke’s tight, teenage hole; pounding against his prostate as they pump closer and closer to a massive climax!